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(#2315) Eddie Lee S (Taylorsville, GA)
8/17/2006 in Holly Springs, GA  EVENT: Holly Springs Group  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 15 years since 10/19/1990, Eddie Lee was raised outside Macon, GA by a good family, father was a Marine, mother was a clerk at the court house.

Got married at 18, moved to California briefly, moved back to Georgia got divorced, drank liquor for the first time, blacked out and got a DUI.

He moved to Atlanta where his sister lived.

Carpenter by trade, by age 26 he was married again and raising three kids - two she already had and their one.

He was drinking after work - Peppermint Schnapps, chasing it with Budweiser and gaining too much weight so he switched to Scotch and water.

They moved to Woodstock, GA. He was coaching little league but never went anywhere without liquor.

Then the recession came, with no work he started drinking at home.

He got a DUI in 1990 blowing a .38 at a gas station with his son in the car.

He went through the DTs at home and called out to God for help. He stayed dry for 3 weeks then drank until he went to court on his sobriety date.

At court he was allowed to stay out of jail and keep his driver's license but required him to attend two meetings a week.

Back home he called the HOW Place and went to his first meeting.

Home life was hard. He owed the IRS $40K, found he was diabetic, lost his home, got a divorce but all along used the Program to face and deal with life.

What happened since then is beautiful to hear.

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