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(#2370) Eddie L (AFG) (Kennesaw, GA)
8/18/2018 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 41st Annual Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Male, Story

Eddie's qualifier is his wife Debbie whom he met in September 1999 after he was widowed.

He was not looking for a relationship, but they connected immediately and talked for hours the night they met.

They dated long range. His first month's phone bill was $300.

His is not the typical Al-Anon story. He did not come from an alcoholic family and had few encounters with anyone who had a drinking problem.

He had a big supply of booze given to him by vendors that lasted forever because he hardly ever drank.

He came to Atlanta from New Jersey and was surprised to find he was also moving from operations to sales manager with the task to open the Southeast.

In January 1999, shortly after moving, his wife and mother of his four children died. He looked up at the sky and ask God, "Now what?".

Little did he know what was about to come.

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