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(#2220) Eddie C (Los Angeles, CA)
12/2/1990 in Newhall, CA  EVENT: Sunday Noon Speaker Rafter's AA Group  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

This talk begins with a short talk by one of Eddie's "babies" - Karl M of Covina, CA who drank for seven months on antabuse.

Sober 39 years since 12/2/1951, Eddie was sponsored by Chuck C for 30 years since 1954.

He is speaking on his 39th AA birthday.

He was a "young people" when he came in who had used drugs as well. He thinks that got him in sooner.

"I talked about uppers, they thought I was talking about teeth. I talked about dropping reds, they thought I was talking about killing communists."

Funny speaker. Great delivery.

Karl M on Step 1 - 2014

(1 hr 5 min) (11.2 MB) (id#2220)