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(#1453) Ed M (Cumming, GA)
1/16/1971 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Georgia State Service Assembly Sat Night Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


A truly fine talk made available again after 45 years.

Ed played sports in high school. He was one of the big dumb ones who never graduated.

He enlisted in the Air Force and worked later for an airplane manufacturer in northern New Jersey.

Ed traveled a great deal and drank more, was taken off the road. He got married. They had three kids. His wife moved back to Florida. He resigned his job but she did not take him back.

The bank took the house. He took the road. Got a pipeline job in the Southwest. Great job for an alcoholic.

He stayed in numerous jails overnight until a "shoebox full" of forged checks caught up with him. He was found guilty on 10 counts and sentenced to prison in Florida.

Back in the jail he was handed his divorce papers and his sentencing papers.

He did not go to AA in prison though one was available.

He saw the parole board the first time after 2 years, denied he had a drinking problem and was sent back to his cell. This happened three times and on the third he admitted to the parole board he might have a drinking problem and got his release letter.

He made it 17 miles and was in jail before sunrise. He got out of that jail but 97 days later he was back in prison for 5 more forged checks.

He became a chain gang lawyer and got a Supreme Court reversal. He was released and made it 35 miles before getting in jail again. He went back to the pipeline business. Out of work he moved to Atlanta.

He looked in the mirror one day and realized he had only himself and alcohol to blame and went to an AA meeting just as it was breaking up. He met the current Area 16 Delegate, Bob R, and started his journey into the fellowship.

He married another AA member. He describes in some detail how the Steps, 12 step calls and facing issues in life carried him toward a new design for living.

GSSA Reel #R00-0068-S2-M2

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