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(#270) Ed M (Bittendorf, IA)
Sept 2001 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 30th Fellowship by the Sea  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Ed died sober in December 2008 while shoveling snow at his home in Erie, IL.

In this talk, given shortly after 911, Ed talks about forgiveness from personal experience. Ed called himself trailer trash and a cop fighter. Ed was 6' 11" with a big heart.

Early in sobriety his father was killed in a bar in a random act of racial violence.

Ed moved to California and gave up a job offer as Goofy at Disneyland to be the manager of the Ice Capades.

Later he managed the Globetrotters then became a minister.

Years after his father's murder one of the perpetrators was up for retrial on a technicality. Ed asked the DA not to pursue a retrial. The DA would only release the man if Ed would agree to have the man live with him and Ed agreed.

The story made national news but for AA it is an understandable arrangement when we recognize that "resentments are the number one offender".

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