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(#2153) Ebby T - Searcy W (Dallas, TX and Springfield, IL)
4/16/1960 in Davenport, IA  EVENT: 6th Anniversary Blandine Club  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical


Ebby T speaks first for about 17 minutes and relates that he only drank with Bill W one time and that began the night before they did their infamous plane ride into the newly built airport in Manchester, VT near where Bill grew up and he and Ebby attended school together in 1912.

Searcy W is usually considered to reside in Dallas, TX but at the time of this talk he was living 150 miles away from Davenport, IA in Springfield, IL.

Bill W sent Ebby to Dallas to get sober at a facility managed by Searcy.

Searcy trained in alcohol studies at Yale University under Dr. Jellinek and is addressing AA members but also interested non-alcoholics.

He is informing the audience as well as sharing his experience.

He goes through his version of the AA Principles related to each step. For Searcy in 1960 they were:

1 - Absolute Honesty
2 - Faith
3 - Action
4 - Courage
5 - Integrity
6 - Willingness to be Made Whole
7 - Humility
8 - Loving Kindness
9 - Self-Discipline
10- Steadfastness
11- Unity
12- Service

NOTE: Ebby's talk by itself is available on WeJoy from a different source but this is the first time the whole event has been made available.

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