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(#282) Easy E (Montgomery, AL)
9/19/1996 in Panama City Beach, FL  EVENT: AL NW FL Area Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

Muir "Easy" Edney - August 26, 2008, Died with 65 Years Sobriety

With sorrow at his passing but filled with joy at having known this grand man, I regretfully report to you that Muir "Easy" Edney of Montgomery, Alabama, completed his journey of 95 years peacefully this morning and left for the Big Meeting.

For the past few years, Easy Edney was the longest sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Easy got sober Nov. 15, 1942, in Jacksonville FL, and then moved back to his home of Montgomery where he helped start AA there. He knew Bill Wilson. Easy was in remarkably good shape to the end. He still attended meetings and sponsored a number of men until the last.

I last saw him in April at the Alabama/NW Florida Area Assembly, which he faithfully attended over the years. Less well known is that Edney got his nickname "Easy" from his hobby as a pool shark. Easy was one of the 20th Century's greatest pool players, who successfully competed (sober!) against such legends as Willie Mosconi and Minnesota Fats. One of the great rewards of AA has been the opportunity to know men such as Easy. We shall miss him.

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