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(#1175) Early Bird Meeting (Various States)
2/11/1971 in Pine Mountain, GA  EVENT: 1st Pine Mountain Fellowship  TYPE: AA and Al-Anon, Both, Story


This was the 1st session of the 1st Pine Mountain Fellowship.

Eight speakers shared on anything they wanted.

The Chair for the meeting was Jerry. If he did introduce himself it was not part of the master recording. He intersperses his introductions with jokes and stories that reflect the time and the region.

1st: Margaret W, Atlanta, GA

2nd: Tom L, Louisville, GA

3rd: Susan R, Birmingham, AL

4th: Speedy M, Marietta, GA - newly married at the time of this event, he died sober around 2013, one of the real characters in AA which is saying alot.

5th: Tom E, Lakeland, GA

6th: Virginia F (AFG), Myrtle Beach, SC

7th: Bill B (AFG), Atlanta GA

8th: Gene E, Atlanta, GA

NOTE: This recording is from a reel-to-reel housed at the GSSA Archives in Macon, GA. The sound quality is excellent. The full session is included in both the PLAY and BURN versions.

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