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(#1447) Early Bird Meeting (GA,SC,NC,FL,MY)
10/14/1965 in Macon, GA  EVENT: 12th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA and Al-Anon, Both, Story, Historical


Chair: Corneil F, Savannah, GA 14 years sober and 1 reader and 13 members sharing

How It Works read by-Benny W, Washington County Group Sandersville, GA


  1. Rusty R-middle GA
  2. Francis S, North Carolina
  3. Tom D, Florida
  4. Louise F (AFG), Savannah GA (Chair's wife)
  5. Bill McC, Buffalo, NY
  6. Farris L (AFG), Macon, GA
  7. B C F, Early Branch, SC (11 years)
  8. Margaret H (AFG), SC
  9. Harry B, Charlotte, NC
  10. Elgin S, Wadley, GA (5 years)
  11. Bill P, Dillard, GA
  12. Peggy McC, Buffalo, NY
  13. Dr. John M, Statesboro, GA

GSSA Reel # RN0-0002-S1-M1

(48 min) (11 MB) (id#1447)