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(#1076) Dr Earle M (San Francisco, CA)
Oct 1963 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 10th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Historical

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Earle was the author in the Big Book Story "Physician Heal Thyself" that is in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions.

In this "Blackboard Talk" he looks at alcoholism from a medical as well as a member's viewpoint. He has a strong delivery and message.

Much of what he covers still applies today.

BURNING INSTRUCTIONS: This talk will NOT fit on a single CD without removing the long intro. Download using BURN and burn only the talk eliminating the intro and prayer and it will fit with room to spare onto an 80 minute CD.

(1 hr 19 min) (18.2 MB) (id#1076)