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(#251) Earle M (Walnut Creek, CA)
5/25/1991 in Kansas City, MO  EVENT: 50th Anniversary of AA in Kansas  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Author

With 38 years at the time of this talk, the author of Physician Heal Thyself, Dr. Earle M. got sober 6/15/1953. According to, "Many alcoholics make geographic changes when they are drinking. But Earle seems to have made his after achieving sobriety. He has lived in many places, both in this country and abroad, traveled around the world three times, and attended A.A. everywhere he went. He also married several times." Here he tells his story but also shares things that he has learned in AA over the years. He stays out of the controversy of mixing addicts andalcoholicsin the same rooms. He does share some based on his medical background mixed with his personal experiences as he explored several non-AA self-help approaches. Returning to AA, he read through the opening paragraphs of How It Works emphasizing which parts struck a cord with him. Later he shares that there is no way to surrender. He explains how to take the third step without it.

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