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(#954) Dynna G (Huntington Beach, CA)
2/14/1987 in Louisville, KY  EVENT: 36th Kentucky State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 14 years since 4/4/1973, Dynna is the oldest she has ever been at 39 years old and still doesn't know how to act. She qualifies - she drank way too much way to often.

Experience is how she got good judgement by making bad judgements.

Born in Lansing, MI to parents who do not like children, Dynna did things to get their attention. She was an isolated, afraid, lonely, big, clumsy, awkard kid. Her parents got divorced after they moved to California in the 60's. She got a surf board but never went in the water with it. Then she became a biker.

But in high school she discovered Tequilla augmented with little pills and everything seemed OK to her. She started getting arrested at age 15.

She first went to AA at age 18 - 21 years previous in Longbeach, CA and heard Chuck C. speak. She thought it was the geriatric ward with people over 55. She drank again, got married, left him and got worse. She went to school to become a psychiatrist (but never made it).

At age 25, not welcome by any family member, she called AA. She was terrified of God and knew that no one would ever love her because she liked to shock people to get noticed.

She became the youngest Delegate in AA.

She heard a line that describes her reaction to life: When non-alcoholics get a flat tire they call AAA. When alcoholics get a flat tire they call suicide prevention.

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