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(#2093) Dr. Bob S (Akron, OH)
7/30/1950 in Cleveland, OH  EVENT: AA International 1950  TYPE: AA, Male, Historical, Author

AA International in Cleveland, OH 1950

Dr Bob is considered the Co-Founder of AA.

Some call this the Gettysburg Address of AA.

He was very weak from the cancer that would take him a little over three months later, November 16,1950.

"...Love and Service. We all know what love is and we all know what service is."

NOTE: Confirmed from GSO Archives, this talk took place starting at 2 pm on 7/30/1950, the last day of the three day event titled on the official event program:

"First International Conference
on the occasion of its
Fifteenth Anniversary"

Interestingly it was NOT called a Convention.

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