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(#144) Dottie S. (North Hollywood, CA)
1986 in Wichita, KS  EVENT: Fall Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Dottie defines an Alcoholic and a neurotic as one who makes destructive decisions.

She was close friends with another sdpeaker on WeJoy:

Alabam C

Dottie shares part of her great collection of mis-reads like:

"Our leaders are but twisted servants. They do not govern."

She describes the medical cause she believes makes us alcoholic.

She went to the gates of insanity or death dranking for 19 years. As a periodic she "unswallowed" alot - but for the last four years she drank from morning to night She weighed 90 pounds when she came in the Program.

Born and raised in Reno, NV, her family helped settle Reno. She and her husband moved to LA early in marriage. She lived in terror and used alcohol for relief.

She does not know how she dialed AA but came out of blackout on the phone to Central Office.

She came the next day to a meeting and was welcomed with open arms.

She started speaking and sponsoring but was secretly very sick.

After a year, she drank and nearly died from the deeper seated problem.

She had to learn how to live in reality comfortably.

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