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(#1106) Dott T (Pittsburgh, PA)
4/21-22/1984 in Ft. Wayne, IN  EVENT: 4th Annual N.E. Indiana Convention - 41st Annual Banquet  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 9 years since 1975, Dott is one of my friend Greg G's favorite speakers.

Lively and right from the hip she says she has bad moments but NEVER a bad day because one of the things she discovered was how much she loved being depressed.

She was a confused kid who never learned how to do life until she got into AA at age 47. She dabbled in alcohol, pills, cocaine and then heroin to cope with her confusion.

She went to prison 6 times starting in her late teens. Her motto was, "If you think it's bad today, wait for tomorrow."

"I fought all my life not to be vulnerable...I felt guilty because I didn't feel guilty...AA is like sex - if you ain't enjoyin' it, you're not doing it right."

Instead of fake it til you make it, she prefers "act as if".

She stopped stealing after she stopped drinking. "Nothing and no one can make me happy....I am a member of the human race today."

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