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(#1574) Doreen P (Washington, DC)
April 1995 in Tulsa, OK  EVENT: NA Convention  TYPE: NA, Female, Story


Lively and funny, clean 26 years since June 1968, she enjoys peace, serenity and to be with herself. There was a time when she could not stand to be in the same room with herself.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, she was the middle of five kids. She was falsely accused when she was eight of being raped and ostracized for it. She was a rough and wild child.

At 12 she began to lose her chubby fat and did actually get brutally raped. She did not tell anyone about it because of what she went through at age 8.

She had a child at age 16. She was out of control. Her mom and step father kept the baby.

She was a prostitute, a thief and a liar. She was arrested many times. At times she was "blind high".

She stayed out there for over 18 years. She could always stop but never stay stopped.

In June 1968, she was arrested for the last and final time looking for bottle caps to cook up dope with.

She was given help for what she was not willing to seek herself. Her 15 year old son gave her a little taste of truth over the phone when she called from jail.

She was one of the first women in one of the first half-way house in DC.

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