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(#2179) Donna D (Moultrie, GA)
3/10-12/2006 in Bainbridge, GA  EVENT: Flint River Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 8 years since 9/9/1997, Donna is very lively and entertaining.

While with husband number five, she got arrested and lost custody of her children.

Donna went to jail expecting to go to prison but got probation.

She left the state and began her fight for custody.

"So the slow burn kept growing and I started acting out you know, drinkin' alot and all that stuff, things that I do."

The Baldwin County, GA Sheriff found her and brought her to back to face prison time.

There began her journey in recovery.

(1 hr 8 min) (11.2 MB) (id#2179)