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(#2601) Don P (Denver, CO)
5/12/1996 in New York  EVENT: Unknown Event  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 28 years since 1968, Don was a past Trustee of the General Service Board who happened to be serving when the Soviet Union began to open its doors to AA.

One my personal favorite speaker, he did a great, in depth workshop on the Concepts in 2000 at Estes Park, CO

Don P of CO - Concepts Workshop 2000

NOTE: The talk date is based on a Mother's Day reference on the cassette.

The location is based on a brief reference to the "Bellevue gang".

There Is hospital in NYC by that name famous for treating drunks.

It could alternately be that Bellevue refers to those from Dick and Peggy M's hometown of Bellevue, NE which is known for their enthusiasm.

In that case, the talk may be somewhere near there.

(1 hr 14 min) (12.8 MB) (id#2601)