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(#797) Don L (Bellingham, WA)
10/17/2015 in Columbus, GA  EVENT: 62nd Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 24 years since 9/16/1991 at age 31, this talk is filled with great insights and observations based on experience. Don always started to drink again when being good became too much work. Sobriety is a gift that comes unassembled. AA teaches us how to put it together.

He got sober in the Pacific Group in Los Angeles where he straighened out mentally and physically. He recently moved to Washington State with his wife. Don tells a great story about a deer they call Scratch.

His dad left to get a pack a cigarettes when Don was 2 years old and he still hasn't seen him. His mom was in active addiction with different "uncles" in the home every few weeks but that was not what made his life a shambles at age 31.

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