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(#1728) Dock C - Do I Really, Really Believe? (Roswell, GA)
4/15/1984 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 6th Atlanta Men's Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop

Do I Really, Really Believe?

Here is Dock in a classic talk at the Workshop.

He made his first AA meeting in 1951 but did not get sober until 1967. During those 16 years,

"I was determined that I was gonna show you fellows that here was one guy who could make it without God."

He did the Program cafeteria style. He went once during those 16 years, three years and eight months without a drink going to meetings and enjoying the fellowship. He gave lip service to the Program.

He did nothing to turn his attitude around about everything - life, people, God. He went from being a drunk SOB to a dry SOB.

He moved around often, at one point spending time in Texas. He wanted help but under his terms.

He left Texas, "but I had nothing of my own to take with me...and I became drunk." That lasted seven years - around the clock drinking. The last three years he hardly got out of the hotel. He thought that if he kept his teeth clean he would stay off Skid Row so he kept cases of tooth paste and toothbrushes in his trunk. Insanity!

He had his last diink in Ft. Lauderdale though there was plenty of booze in his room and car. He went through DTs on his own. It was 1967 and he went to Atlanta - still a non-believer - but going to meetings.

He finally had to believe right down to his gut that he was alcoholic and needed God.

Dock died in a 12th Step call when a shotgun he was trying to take from a distraught alcoholic accidentally went off.

NOTE: The Atlanta Men's Workshop was founded in 1982 by Dock C with the help of his sponsor, Bill H of Roanoke, Virginia.

Dock touched many lives and his legacy lives on with over 70 workshop's completed since it started (they are held twice each year).

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