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Dick And Peggy M - Traditions 1991
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Traditions in Relationships

A very active couple in AA, Peggy M. is sober 27 years since 2/4/1964 and Dick M. is sober some 25 years since 9/15/1965.

Peggy is zany and Dick is laid back.

Practicing the AA Twelve Traditions in their relationship has played a major role in their successful 25 year marriage.

They met in AA and were married after dating for only two months (with their sponsors' approval).

They take turns walking through the Traditions illustrating them with very funny anecdotes.

This workshop is very enjoyable with many good tips they have worked out over the years.


(#2268) Dick And Peggy M - Traditions 1991 (Part 2) (Bellevue, NE)
3/22/1991 in Unknown  EVENT: Unknown Roundup  TYPE: AA, Both, Workshop, Traditions

Part 2 - Traditions 8 thru 12

(33 min) (5.7 MB) (id#2268)