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(#1291) Dennis N (Seneca, SC)
7/17/1997 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 22nd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 16 years since 2/1/1981, trying to be cool nearly killed him. Today he gets to be cool. Funny with great insights of coming into AA as a young black man.

"It is my belief that I am sober by the Grace of a loving God who manifests himself in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and I believe there is a difference."

He was born on a 13 acre cotton farm in North Carolina. He believes his early spiritual training prepared him for AA. He was kind of goofy as a kid. He did not know how to dance and liked country music and Conway Twitty. "To top it off, I am a soul brother and I ain't got no soul."

Then his whole world changed when he found grandpa's whiskey in the corn crib.

(52 min) (11.9 MB) (id#1291)