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(#278) Delilah B (Cleveland, OH)
2/9/2001 in Honolulu, HI  EVENT: 37th International Women's Conference (IAAWC)  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Over 10 years sober, what Delilah wrote and read at the start says it all. It is called:

The Women of AA

It is because of you, the women of AA, that I am here.
I am here because you showed me the way.
I saw the gleam in your eye and the glow on your faces.
I saw how you walked and talked like ladies.
I saw the women in AA bond and establish lasting relationships.
I saw women in AA grow whether married or divorced.
I saw women who, when they came to AA, could not read or write but today hold college degrees.
In AA I watch women learn through the examples of others how to deal
with child rearing and become better parents.
In the rooms of AA I saw our children grow up and become better children.
I saw women learn how to become better daughters, mothers, sisters, wives and friends.
I saw women in AA lose loved ones and continue going.
I saw the women of AA with terminal illness carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous
until dying, they died with dignity and grace.
And when I saw the women in AA,
I saw women who were everything I wanted to be.
It is because of the women in AA that I am who I am today.
And it is because of you, the women in Alcoholics Anonymous,
that I keep coming back so that you may continue to teach me how to live
- one day at a time.

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