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(#974) Debbie H (Longbeach, CA)
9/14/1996 in Manhattan Beach, CA  EVENT: Sanctuary Meeting  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

Sober 20 years since 2/8/1976, Debbie got sober at 18 in Minneapolis then moved to Atlanta and was a member of the Skyland Group before moving to California 10 years before this talk. That was not her first sobriety date having drank alcohol and smoked pot before getting permanent sobriety.

She says Alcoholics Anonymous makes alot more sense when you are sober. She drank first at 12 years old and went full bore for 6 years before coming into the rooms.

Her talk is preceded by a 10 minute talk by Patrick L.

The format of the meeting was a 10 minute speaker followed by a break, readings and reports followed by a 40 minute speaker.

The full meeting is available in the BURN format. Use the PLAY button to hear just the two speakers.

(56 min) (12.9 MB) (id#974)