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(#1571) Debbie E (Springfield, MO)
1/6-8/2006 in Asheville, NC  EVENT: Spiritually High in the Land of the Sky XXI  TYPE: NA, Female, Story


Clean 11 years since 3/2/1994, Debbie was 45 years old at the time of this talk.

She used for 21 years beginning with huffing gas. Her parents never asked why she had a gas can at the end of her bed.

"I got loaded and I got loaded and I got loaded and I got loaded. I got high alot. I copped a couple of felonies, I went to jail alot, I had kids along the way, I caused alot of harm to other people and myself, you know, through all of that."

When all hell was breaking out at home as a young kid she hid out in the corner in books. It was all about fantasy.

"I realized, very recently, just a few weeks ago, that I still got a serious problem with that."

Funny, delightful and real.


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