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(#1253) Deb H (Yucca Valley, CA)
7/18/2009 in   EVENT: 34th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

The Sunday morning speaker, sober 22 years since 3/15/1987, Deb was raised outside Akron, OH from a family straight out of the coal mines of West Virginia.

Her dad was hard working and hard drinking - probably not that different than any family around them except that her dad was absolutely alcoholic - a real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mean and violent when drunk, that flavored the very way she saw the world.

"I walked around with hands in fists and a smile on my face and telling you everything was just fine."

A real control freak - she ran the neighborhood - except at home.

She knew alcohol was incredibly important. Curious, at 9 years old she manipulated a way to try drinking. Her fist let loose and she exhaled - then blacked out. Then she knew why her dad drank and wondered why her mom did not drink with him then everything would be OK.

She decided to drink as often as she could and as much as she could and still was known as an over achiever.

In six years she came into the rooms fully qualified.

She spoke in 2008 at the Georgia Pre-Paid, ICYPAA in Atlanta May 2009 and now here. Lots had happened to her in that time.

Deb did a Steps 3 thru 7 Workshop the day before at the same event:

Deb H - Workshop Steps 3 thru 7 - Atlanta 2009

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