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(#206) Deb K (Beaufort, SC)
8/20/2004 in Jackson, MS  EVENT: 18th Mississippi Old Timers Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober since 3/12/1987, Deb is speaking at an Old Timers meeting in Mississippi. This is her third conference as a speaker. One of the others was at a young peoples conference. Raised outside of Akron, OH where the AA program started. Her family was from West Virginia. There were no social drinkers in her family. Her parents fought constantly over his drinking. Her dad is now coping withsclerosisof the liver. She learned to live in a mix of anger and fear. Deb had her first drink at 9 years old wanting to know what was so important about alcohol that was so important. She blacked out but also felt OK for the first time. She fell in love with alcohol even though the next day she was sick. By 15 she was paying a dear price for her booze hanging with some people from the wrong side of the tracks that did things for and to an adolescent. By the end of her short career she was drinking every day and remembered only half her life.

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