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David A - Steps 1997
Total time across all 2 files is 2.6 hours.
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A Pathway Through The Steps

Sober 30 years since 4/20/1967, David served at all levels in AA including Trustee.

Here he takes a walk through the Steps. David is full of pearls of wisdom like, the suggestion that a comfortable and honest concept of a Higher Power is all that is needed be you atheist, agnostic or believer.

Thanks to for these recordings. I do not usually repost recordings but I make an exception when the content warrants.

Also, these are remastered to fit easily on two CDs.

(#1708) David A - Steps 1997 (Dallas,TX)
Fall 1997 in Memphis, TN  EVENT: 23rd Memphis Bluff City Fellowship  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps

STEPS 1 - 5

(1 hr 19 min) (9.1 MB) (id#1708)