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David A-1993-Traditions
Total time across all 2 files is 2.6 hours.
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David A sober since 4/20/1967, with humor and from long experience, does a masterful job of going through the Traditions of AA. He relates many failed experiences where members or groups attempted activities outside the Traditions. He also tells the story of how Alcoholics Anonymous got its name. I heard a similar story from a recording of Jim Burwell (Author: The Vicious Cycle) who was there when the Big Book was being written. David confirms the story with greater detail.


(#240) David A-2 of 2 (Dallas, TX)
12/3-5/1993 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: Sandlapper Roundup 2  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Traditions

Part 2 of the set covering Traditions 6 through 12.

You now may want to listen to David's 1990 Arkansas Assembly Workshop on the 12 Concepts.

David A. of TX - 12 Concepts 1990

(1 hr 21 min) (27.8 MB) (id#240)