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(#1512) Dave C (Raleigh, NC)
10/29/1978 in Jekyll Island, GA  EVENT: 25th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


Sober 21 years since 9/11/1957, Dave was still sober as late as 2009.

The Sunday morning speaker, he is Past Delegate Panel 17 and later S.E. Regional Trustee.

Dave came in at age 29. He was a teacher by profession.

Chair: Virgil W, Decatur, GA.

A more complete synopsis of his story is recorded with his 1995 talk in Nashville, TN

Dave C in Nashville, TN 1995

Cassette C00-0184 of GSSA Archives

(1 hr 6 min) (15.2 MB) (id#1512)