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Dave & Polly P - Traditions
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Dave and Polly P's 2011 "Traditions in Relationships"

They have been providing this workshop for a number of years. The accompanying Workbook has reached 70 pages. It can be downloaded here. The focus is on practicing the Traditions of AA and Al-Anon in our relationships as couples. Therefore, Dave and Polly have adjusted the wording of each Traditions to make them more directly applicable. The Workshop also includes an intro by Dave in session one plus a never before heard discussion of some special things Dave does as part of his larger program (covered in session five).



(#181) Dave & Polly P-2011-Traditions-p2 (Jacksonville, FL)
10/21-23/2011 in Parsippany, NJ  EVENT: 4th Keeping The Spirit Alive  TYPE: AA, Both, Workshop, Traditions

After a break, Dave continues discussing Characteristics of AA. He then introduces Polly and the concept of Emotional Sobriety. She tells part of their story and their journey together toward the Traditions and Emotional Sobriety. "Making love work is a challenge for alcoholics of my type. ..I thought if you loved me enough I'd be OK. ..Today, what I give is what I get back." (Lunch break ends the session).

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