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(#191) Dave H (Omaha, NE)
8/20/2011 in Omaha, NE  EVENT: 34th Annual Cornhusker Round-up  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

A talk with both humor and depth. Dave got sober 1/26/1984. He is in AA because he threw up on his dog. It was the second time he had called AA but this time he remembered it. The next day he went to went to AA and has not had a drink since. Did not go to treatment. He was living alone with no furniture but lots of bottles laying around. Recently he had blown a .38 and seemed fully functional to the police.He had been engaged to eight women in three years - two at a time once. He got engaged to number eight after the second date in two days - he did not remember her last name. He married her but was too drunk to stand at the ceremony.

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