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(#848) Darla B (Leesburg, MS)
8/16/2009 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 32nd Allatoona Round-up  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

A lively speaker, Darla got sober 26 years earlier in Little Rock, AR 9/16/1982. An only child, her father was an alcoholic who drank and took risks while her mother set in fear in the corner reading the Bible. Darla was terrified of alcohol because of what it did to her home.

She stayed sick, drunk and crazy because then you don't have to be responsible. She went to the Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic for 17 years. All the men were gone that paid her bills and she owed $17,000. It took running out of men to get here ready to change. She took 10 years to pay off that bill.

Now she loves alcoholics because we are so much fun...when we are sober and responsible.

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