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(#1621) Daniel W (Kennesaw, GA)
2/28/2017 in Acworth, GA  EVENT: Winners Circle Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 9 years since 1/20/2008, Daniel was, at the time of this talk, DCM for District 13K in Georgia (Area16).

He grew up in a northwest Maryland farming community riding motorbikes from a very early age with his dad.

His parents were strict and taught him all the things he rebelled against later on.

He went to college in Baltimore but left to pursue surfing going from shore to shore using carpentry and bartending to provide his meager financial needs.

He got in trouble often. When it got bad enough he could always come back home to Maryland.

He probably crossed the line in Florida when he develop a scheme to fix up and flip abandoned houses. But instead of building a huge bank account, he would do one or two then party all the profits away then do a few more.

His older brother invited him to join him in business in northeast Atlanta but only if he laid off the party life. He did for about six months, went back to visit friends and party, came back to Atlanta but could not stop until he wound up in jail for the last time.

The need to sign court papers got him in but it was the fellowship and the design for living that kept him in AA.

He spent time in this talk sharing what he has learned participating in the AA Service Structure in Georgia.

He is recently married to a lovely AA member and they now have a daughter and son.

As a mutual friend loves to shout out when we are hiking the North Georgia Mountains,

"It don't get no better than this."

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