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(#1320) Damon E (Acworth, GA)
8/18/2016 in Holly Springd, GA  EVENT: Holly Springs Thursday Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 12 years since 8/10/2004, Damon was raised in Atlanta, GA by a good family but got pleasure by sneaking around from an early age.

In trouble in public schools, his parents sacrificed to send him to private school from 5th to 12th grade.

He drank and used drugs fairly heavily during the late 60's and early 70's but was a seeker.

After high school and 1 year on his own in Atlanta, he moved to be with his parents living on a lake in Alabama and decided to apply himself at a junior college studying Eastern History later going to Colorado to a University where he met his wife of 36 years.

He took a year off to work at a nursing home where he learned it was more about "how" one lived life rather than "what" one did.

He did not drink alcoholically during the 1980's advancing in his company working in data processing. He crossed the line in the early 1990's when he began to shift from optimism to pessimism.

He began going to strip joints and massage parlors to fill an emptiness but "mamma raised me better than that." The guilt set in and the drinking increased. On probation at work for suspected drinking on the job, he was laid off by that Fortune 500 company in August 2001 though not drinking at the time.

On 9/11 his world changed again and 2 days later he started the downward slide that would take him to a place of lying isolation drinking a fifth a day at home.

On 8/12/2004 at 3 am he woke up after his one hour of sleep and said the three word prayer of a atheist, "I need help."

At one point, he shares about the AA Warranties as found in the 12th Concept and how he has applied these he learned in service to his marriage and his family.

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