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(#2484) Damon E (Acworth, GA)
5/24/2019 in Acworth, GA  EVENT: No Excuses Group  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


Sober 14 years since 8/10/2004, Damon weaves his story around his changing definition of Success.

It started out as, "I got away with it again." - Pleasure by Sneaking Around.

This Program to him is not about quitting but about starting - Starting to be a good father, husband, grandfather.

And when he looks at what a good father does, drinking is not on the list which is very different than quitting.

He finishes by reading one of the great descriptions of success in our literature:

The Satisfactions of Right Living, Twelve and Twelve, pp 124-5

(42 min) (7.3 MB) (id#2484)