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(#740) Cyndi M (Louisville, KY)
8/14/2015 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 38th Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 29 years since 12/17/1985, Cyndi's theme is "Love is the answer no matter what the question is". The theme of the conference is "See and Share Love". This triggered a train of thought in her that she has never followed from the podium.

"I came from a background that is crazy. I shouldn't be here." She drank her whole life because she was bleeding from the inside out. Alcohol helped her not hurt as much but in the long run it caused her great pain. Adopted, she returned to the system, angry. By age 17 she had been in 25 institutions - mental institutions and foster homes. Nothing fun ever happened when she drank. She came into treatment with a five word vocabulary she used as a weapon, "I wanted you to love me but I wanted to prove to you why you couldn't."

She loved AA from the beginning but thought AA was too good for her. One year sober and two years off the streets, her near photographic memory and entrepreneurial spirit got her a highly responsible position that she was not spiritually equipped to handle and she drank again. It took a year to get back into AA. She came back with humility.

Since then she has had an astonishing series of triumphs and tragedies including a massive motorcycle accident and building a company with offices around the country and clients all over the world. A very, very busy woman, she took the time to share her experience, strength and hope with those who saved her life.

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