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(#213) Coretha M (Brunswick, GA)
10/22-25/1998 in Columbus, GA  EVENT: 45th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober since 10/19/1975 (23 years), Coretha is a black southern woman and respected health professional. She is passionate about the program. She speaks from experience in this delightful and inspiring talk. She says God blessed her with the disease of alcoholism so that she could be free today. She found what God was all about in the rooms of AA and takes her God with her when she goes to church. Born in Brunswick, GA, Coretha was raised by a loving, hard working single mother with a 5th grade education who quit drinking on her own. Her dad was not a part of the family and died from this disease. She believes she is genetically predisposed to alcoholism. She gave her mother many worries. She says she committed every sin there is and is crazy as a bedbug even today.

(54 min) (12.4 MB) (id#213)