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(#1446) Cora B (New York, NY)
10/17/1970 in Augusta, GA  EVENT: 17th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop


Sober 13 years since September 1957,Cora was an employee of GSO in New York and a substitute for Helen R., also of GSO New York, who was sick and could not travel.

Cora starts with a report on Bill Wilson's status. He was in the hospital at the time suffering from emphysema and awaiting a minor operation. Bill died four months later on January 24, 1971.

Cora conducts what they called a "GSO Session" with a question and answer session after an 18 minute talk.

The current Area 16 Delegate, Bob Ross of Atlanta, GA (Zone B) chaired the meeting and fielded questions from the audience with Cora.

GSSA Reel # R0035-S1-M2-T2

(41 min) (9.5 MB) (id#1446)