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(#322) Cora B (Leland, MS)
11/3/91 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: NABA Oldtimers  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

A truly wonderful talk, Cora got sober in New York City in September 1957. Her husband was an Episcopal Clergyman and Chairman of the Department of Religion at New York University. She tells a delightful story of throwing a dinner party for the faculty while drunk. She was given all the treatments available at the time in the Big City. She spent years inpsychotherapy but did not mention her drinking for the last seven years.

Her husband went with her to her first AA meeting. They heard a rough story of a man from the Bowery. Her husband thought he made a mistake because she was not like that man. But Cora identified and thought "If that man drank like that and got sober in AA then maybe it will work for me." She got the message of hope. Later she worked at GSO in New York but does not speak much of that experience.

(53 min) (18.2 MB) (id#322)