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(#707) Conway H (St. Simons Island, GA)
5/11/1989 in Albany, GA  EVENT: Flint River Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 24 years or so, Conway is an AA Member first. He was also a surgeon and was medical director at the recovery focused Peachford Hospital in North Atlanta around 1980. He was also involved in starting the Atlanta Roundup. Age 60 at the time of this talk, married, father of 5, he was raised and lived most of his life in Atlanta.

His father was a Dr. and his mother a school teacher. He became a gynecologist and served time in the military in that capacity.

His drinking and drug use nearly cost him all - his family, his career and his life. He shifted his focus after getting sober from gynecology toward treating the addict and alcoholic.

This is a powerful an insightful talk that is expressed in simple terms.

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