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(#4283) Clif G - Lori G (AFG) - Relationships (Oklahoma City, OK)
5/7/2022 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 23rd Marietta Spring Roundup  TYPE: AA and Al-Anon, Both, Workshop

Relationships in Recovery

Both in their respective Programs over 20 years, Clif since 8/15/2001 and Lori since 7/1/2001, they have developed a relationship that works for them.

Clif says they mostly share what doesn't work.

"We are much more brothers and sisters in our defects than we have ever been in our virtues."

Topics covered:

Silent Expected Roles
God Relationship First
Matrimonial Amnesia
Traditions in Relationships
Realize Both are Sick
Manipulation Worked at Times
Growing Apart vs Together
... and more

Clif G at Marietta, GA 2022

Lori G (AFG) at Marietta, GA 2022

(1 hr 19 min) (18.2 MB) (id#4283)