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Clarence S - How It Works
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Sober 43 years since 2/11/1938, Clarence got sober in Akron, OH with Dr. Bob and The Oxford Groupers.

He then started AA in Cleveland, OH and is responsible for raising awareness about AA in the early years.

A controversial figure, Clarence did not think very highly of Bill W and did not think much of the concept of anonymity at the public level.

Here he goes through the Steps in How It Works (Chapter 5) which seems the only chapter he has much use for in the Big Book.

He then answers questions from the audience...very interesting.

For instance,

"A sponsor picks you."

"I only work with one guy at a time."

He seems to believe Hank P. had more to do with what is in the Big Book than did Bill W.

And ... AA got the whole Program from the Oxford group but we took it from six steps to twelve, so we could thoroughly confuse the newcomer.



(#2290) Clarence S - How It Works (part 2) (Cassellberry, FL)
7/11/1982 in Phoenix, AZ  EVENT: Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Steps, Historical

Steps 10 to 12 plus Q an A

(1 hr ) (10.4 MB) (id#2290)