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(#1150) Clancy I - Steps 1 - 2 (Venice, CA)
12/3/2010 in Pine Mountain, GA  EVENT: 2nd Woodstock of the South  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps, Story

Steps 1 and 2

Sober 52 years since 10/31/1958, Clancy is the most recorded speaker in AA - by far.

His talks on the nature of the disease have the ability to not only communicate but also to transfer. They somehow enable many listeners to become convinced. When I listen to him again, it helps me stay convinced of the Disease of Perception.

He starts by discussing the different types of alcoholics and the differences between types of alcoholism addiction.

NOTE: His discussion of Roland H and Carl Jung includes some probable historical inaccuracies. This does not detract from the power of his insights.

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