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(#919) Clancy I (Venice, CA)
12/2/2011 in Buford, GA  EVENT: 3rd Woodstock of the South  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Seconds and Inches

Sober 53 years since 10/31/1958, Clancy talks about the little things that got us here. He first talks about the disease. He is "the" master of that topic. He then goes over the standard history of AA and does so with his wonderful style and flair.

NOTE: There are some difficulties with the standard story of Rowland and Jung because Bill Wilson was notoriously loose with historical facts. Evidence now shows that Rowland was definitely treated by Carl Jung for a few weeks in the summer of 1926 but there is no evidence of any direct treatment in the 1930s let alone an entire year.

If interested, research Rowland Hazard, the Emmanuel Movement and a lay therapist out of Boston named Courtenay Baylor (or email me at

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