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(#696) Clancy I (Venice, CA)
Nov 1971 in Longview, TX  EVENT: Unknown Event  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Clancy is probably the most recorded speaker in AA. At the time of this talk he was still working as a Advertising executive in LA. According to the Midnight Mission website bio of Clancy, in

"1974, a member of the Board of Directors of The Midnight asked Clancy if he knew of any candidates that were qualified for the Managing Director position. He could find no one that would take the job, and decided to do it himself on an interim basis. But Clancy was so effective that he stayed on permanently."

A bit controversial with a gruff demeanor an heart as big as Texas, Clancy has a network of sponsorship that has helped legions of AA members to get and stay sober.

The talk begins with a classic intro by Wino Joe L. of Tyler, TX reading his version of the preamble of AA.

(1 hr 25 min) (19.6 MB) (id#696)