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Clancy I-Steps and More 1998
Total time across all 3 files is 5.6 hours.
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Clancy I - HOW Place Steps, Traditions and Sponsorship

Clancy goes through the Steps, Traditions and Sponsorship in three sessions at a relatively small venue. That evening he told his story. This adds in some way to the intimacy of the talk and the ability to cover all the steps in classic Clancy style. Clancy got sober Halloween 1958.

Original Tape Set Cover

(#540) Clancy I-Steps Part 1 (Venice, CA)
2/14/1998 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: HOW Place Anniversary-CD1  TYPE: AA, Male, Steps, Historical

Intro and Steps 1 through 5

(58 min) (26.6 MB) (id#540)