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(#168) Cindy S (Billings, MT)
1/26-28/2007 in Hilton Head, SC  EVENT: Mid Winter Conference  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Al-Anon member 24 years since 1/1/1983, her AA husband also speaks at conferences and roundups. Did not need Al-Anon in the beginning. She was there to help her husband in open AA meetings. Then they asked her to help an AA's wife get to the "other" meeting. Cindy took her first alcoholic at age 13, which is her current husband. She lied about her age. They were head over heels in love. She always lived in and around alcoholism. Her step-dad married her mom when her mom was 16. He did not want Cindy. Started life unwanted and isolated looking to be needed. Alcoholism totally destroys homes. In the rooms we find laughter, healing and love. Al-Anon made her the person she is today.

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