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(#167) Cindy S (Atlanta, GA)
2/26-28/2010 in Lake Lanier Islands, GA  EVENT: PineIsle Fellowship  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Soft spoken with a good sense of humor, her husband has 16 years sobriety in AA. Her story is a love story of God's Grace. Her first Al-Anon meeting was 6/13/1988. Born to a very religious family that was not very spiritual. She has a similar thinking to the alcoholic but without the physical allergy. Her drug of choice from 8th grade was men. She was serially monogamous. She was dishonest if it meant she could get the guy. Lived and worked in New York dating heavy drinkers because they were fun. Drugs users scared her. The choices got worse and worse with stalking bordering on physical abuse. Cindy went to therapy and was directed to Al-Anon in Manhattan. She did not identify at first with their outsides but began to identify with their understanding of her misery. Fear ruled her life, isolated in her apartment. Attending meeting every day for two years before she raised her hand to speak. That is when her real recovery began. Did not get a sponsor for the first six years - not recommended. She then describes her path through the steps.

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