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(#4220) Cindy H (Highpoint, NC)
2/15/2022 in online  EVENT: Serenity Improvement Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 10 years since 3/31/2012, Cindy is a native of a small town in North Carolina.

She was raised in a home filled with untreated alcoholism.

Her father, the alcoholic, was big hearted, a blast to be around and died from this disease.

Her mother was untreated Al-Anon and Cindy was the drama queen.

She made her candy money charging the boys in the neighborhood a quarter to look at her dad's Playboy magazines in the bathroom of her house.

She started dating an older boy at 11. She was taught morals and values but had no anchorage.

She was a leave in the wind, driven by people.

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